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Mind Reader

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Read the thoughts of your friends using this magic kit! Want to know how it works? Ask your friends to choose a dice number and place the dice into the smaller cylinder with the chosen number facing up, then put the lid on. Here is the tricky part of the illusion - the lid of the box is transparent and if you hold it slightly above the eye level and turn it upside down - you will be able to see the number through the lid without anyone noticing. Once you see the number of the dice, memorize it and place the smaller cylinder into the bigger one. Here is the moment of magical delusion that you can play according to your imagination. Now, tell your friends which number they have picked. This trick will surely impress any audience and it’s simplicity allows the magic trick to be repeated over and over until you decide to reveal its secret.
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Two black cylindrical boxes (6x5 cm and 5x4 cm) with 2 translucent red caps and a dice. Materials: plastic Weight: 0.034 kg Instructions are included in the set