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Floating Match

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The floating match is a wonderful illusion that will surely amaze everyone. The trick is super easy to learn and perform, but it will leave a lasting impression on anyone who has seen its magic. The secret lies in a very fine cord, which is masterfully attached to the back of the playing card. It allows an object placed like a matchstick to look like it is really levitating in your hand. To make it work, you need to bend the playing card slightly and allow it to fit the palm of your hand. This will stretch the cord horizontally and you will be able to place the stick on the cord rails, creating the illusion that it is levitating in your hand. For the best effect, we advise you to present the trick to your friends during a card game. At a convenient time, add the magic card to your deck and demonstrate your new skills. A great trick that can amaze, win you a bet or cheer up your family and friends.
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Playing card (from a deck of cards with a size of 7 x 9 cm) with pieces of cord passing through the back of the card along the length + 1 wooden stick with a size of 0.5 cm; Materials: plastic, paper, wood; Weight: 0.011 kg; Instructions included in the set