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Ball and Vase

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Impress your friends with this classic illusion! The magic vanishing and reappearing ball in a vase is an amazing and easy to learn trick. The secret lies in a hidden lid that looks like there is a ball in the vase. For an effective presentation, we recommend that you place the vase with the ball on the table in front of your friends. Open the lid and remove the red ball. After you have done that, carefully grasp only the top lid and lift it, so that the secret lid and the illusory half-ball remain visible. Now you can put the lid back on once again, but this time lift the secret lid as well, showing your astonished audience that the ball has disappeared. You could repeat the trick over and over until you decide to reveal it's secret. The set is sold in a stylish vintage packaging.
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Ball and Vase Ball and Vase
Blue plastic vase with secret lid (5.5 x 11 cm) and red plastic ball with a diameter of 5 cm; Materials: plastic Weight: 0.046 kg; Instructions included in the set.