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Classic Magic Set in Orange

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An exclusive collection of the best inventions in the world of illusions. These sets combine the art of transformation, mind reading and even levitation. All tricks are easy to learn and present. Their simplicity makes them extremely entertaining for young and old. Immerse yourself in the world of magic and ensure guaranteed fun for the whole family, colleagues at the office, or your classmates. The set contains the illusions "Zig zag rope", "Floating match" and "Mind Reading". In the stylish vintage box you will also find detailed instructions for each of the tricks.
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Rope with a length of 9 cm and a special plastic slider, playing card (from a deck of cards with a size of 7 x 9 cm) with pieces of cord passing through the back of the card along the length + 1 wooden stick with a size of 0.5 cm, two black cylindrical boxes and 5x4cm) with 2 translucent red caps and a dice. (11 x 8 x 6 cm); Materials: plastic, paper, wood, nylon ; Weight: 0.080 kg