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About Us

    The most diverse palette of non-standard gifts collected in one place! In our store you can find interesting home decorations, educational aids, author accessories and even precursors of modern animation! Our range includes many interactive toys for young and old, which function is both educational and cognitive development.

     The store has great finds for brains that love puzzles, rebuses and IQ challenges. With us, you can also find many magic tricks - the favorite tricks that we know from our childhood years become recognizable through a special prop selection that reveals the magic, but only for the one who knows the secret! See pictures come to life before your eyes as you watch images alternate on 3D cards and bookends created using lenticular printing. On them you will find reproductions of famous artists, as well as playful shapes and objects from the world of illusions. However, the optical ornaments do not end there - your acquisition can be decorative lamps - with an endless effect, fiber optic or neon, plasma balls, old toys, as well as non-standard jewelry.

     The selection of items in the store is inspired by the "Museum of Illusions, Sofia", which exposition includes finds that conceptually correspond with the souvenirs here. Decorate your special day with our great offers!