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Princess Card Trick

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The vanishing card is an impressive illusion that will make everyone around you think you have telepathic abilities. This classic trick is extremely easy to perform. The secret lies in the dual face of the cards. When you examine the kit you will see that each card actually has a different suit at either end. When presenting the illusion to friends, it is very important to hold them like a fan in your hand. Ask someone to choose a card and remember its face. The most important moment in the illusion - turn the cards upside down (180 degrees) and fan them out again, showing only the upper end of the cards. At this point, the audience will see that the card is gone. There is no way to mess the trick up, as the cards will always be different at both ends. If you want to return the selected playing card, you just need to turn all the cards 180 degrees again and turn them on the fan.
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Five special playing cards with double face (7 x 9 x 0.5 cm) ; Materials: paper ; Weight: 0.014 kg; Instructions are included in the set