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Growing crystal set

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Grow a crystal at home!

What takes nature thousands and thousands of years, you can achieve within a few days. Instructions and all materials that you will need are provided in the set. Don't should take much less than a millennium! 

Follow the steps below to get the best result:

1. Fill the plastic cup with 80°C hot water up to the black line mark on the cup.

2. Add the Crystal powder and stir quickly until completely dissolved(usually within 1-2 min). Do not continue stirring after the powder is dissolved, as this may cause the experiment to fail.

3. Put the lid on loosely and let the liquid gradually cool down. Do not put the cup in a refrigerator for a rapid result.

4. Once the solution has cooled down, put carefully the stone into the liquid. Do not put the lid back on.

5. You will start noticing the crystal growing within the following 10-12 hours.

6. It will take roughly seven days for the crystal to reach its full size. You can take it out of the liquid to allow it to dry using the gloves provided.

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