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Начало 3D лентикулярни картички Картичка GRAPHIC DESIGN LP 304


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Лентикулярният печат създава илюзията за дълбочина и движение. По този начин картичката буквално оживява пред очите ти! 

Класическата оптична илюзия е перфектният завършек за всеки подарък!

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Lenticular printing is a technology from the 1940s that creates the illusion of depth and movement. The effect is obtained by superimposing several images, divided into stripes and intertwining. Over the years the realistic effect has improved and the number of images has increased. To see the effect, just move the picture and enjoy this technological achievement in printing! A card and a bookmark with such a print can be a fun souvenir or an unique gift. The variety of images makes them perfect for each occasion and taste.